The Least Guys I’ve Slept With In A Day Is 12 – Facebook Slay Queen Confesses

Things could have gotten worse for this popular Slay Queen who revealed a colossal number of 12 men that she has slept within a day.

What’s the motive for her in sharing this unwarranted information on social media, perhaps making name for herself after confessing the number of guys she has been sleeping with on a daily base.

The slay queen, Becca reveals that’s the only thing she can do at the moment as a lady. And that, it pays her 10 times more than her mates who are nurses and teachers and even in the offices doing these white-collar jobs.

The slay queen with Facebook profile name Mhizzy Debz said she doesn’t stand by the roadside and that’s not her type of trade. He already has her 100’s of clients and they all have her contact. So all they do is to call her the previous day to book their respective times. Her clients sometimes come to her place but she most at times goes to meet them at their places or hotels.

Mhizzy Debz revealed she only does short-time, hence on a good day, she’s able to sleep with 30 guys, whiles she’s able to sleep with 12 guys on a very bad day.

And as to how much she charges per session, she just gave a range which is between GHS500 and GHS2000 per session.

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