Nigerians, Beware! See the Latest Method Yahoo Guys use to Hack Bank Accounts

With the rising rate of Crime and Internet fraud in the country, one has to only be just careful and aware. They say knowledge is a weapon enough to combat crime.

As years go by, scammers and Internet fraudsters, the ones popularly known as “yahoo yahoo boys” keep devising new means of spying and penetrating into people’s financial storage, your bank account, your bitcoin wallet, your credit card, and so on.

And each time they devise a new method, if it “casts” (people know about it) they develop another means.

This time around this is what they do: someone would call you on the phone, and tell you he is doing an online registration and that a code was sent to your number because he mistakenly used your number because his number is almost similar to your number. He will now plead with you to give him the code sent to you, which is actually a reset code or an OTP to bypass payment firewall, so he can complete his registration process.

Don’t ever try to send anyone a code sent to your phone number. They are actually trying to reset your online bank account or your gmail, and if you send them the code, they will reset your online account and transfer your money somewhere else.

Here is another report from a Nigerian:

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