Late MKO Abiola once said and I quote, “It is impossible, 20 children cannot play together for 20 years unless if they are imprisoned; If you have betrayer as your friend, then you don’t need an enemy”!

Who can succinctly observe with me that, since the demise of Abba Kyari, the late Chief of Staff to the President, several drawbacks has being hooking Nigerian Citizenry beginning from the top bigwigs?

Abba Kyari’s demise has glaringly exposed the loopholed-incompetence that is clothed with Nigerian leadership beginning from the party (APC) to the entire leading administration of President Buhari.


The two major regulatory and decisional frontliners, the Presidency and the National Assembly are so battered and confused in its leadership quest most especially in dealing with making rational decision for the whole country!

The judicial system in Nigeria whose fundamental responsibility was to defend the constitutional rights of Nigerian Citizenry are not left out of this mess, as no comprehensive and exclusive convictions and prosecutions are enforced to the guilts of crimes at the top achelon but only to the common citizens.

Even if President Buhari’s intent is of good leadership, he has failed in the aspect of appointing crooks and criminals as his aids and cabals!

The EFCC former Boss, Magu who was leading the fight against corruption is currently faced with deep probe over allegations on misappropriations. Afterwards followed by the outburst of NDDC.

If Magu is corrupt who is left?
Who will salvage Nigeria from these looming internal mess and international embarrassments?

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