May God Have Mercy! Pastor Adeboye’s Son Under Fire For Giving A Woman 10K, After He Saw Her Praying

May God have mercy! Pastor Adeboye’s son under fire for giving a woman 10K, after he saw her praying. 

Our God is a Merciful God, when you least expect help, that is when help will come knocking at your door. My God have mercy on some people, you won’t give a helping hand to people yet if others do, they will be under fire from people reacting online. 

Pastor Adeboye’s son Leke gave a woman N10k after he saw her praying on her charcoal pot to start her business so that God will bless her, without having an idea that help is on the way. Based on the fact that he gave her N10K and recorded it to the point of posting it online, he has been under fire from people online

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