Huge Secret About Buhari, Revealed.A Must Read.

The grand-daughter of late Obafemi Awolowo ,Olufunke Awolowohas uncovered what the late sage said about President Buhari while he was still alife.

Speaking on the the presidential performancea of president Buhari, Olufunke, a member of the Alliance for People’s Trust Party said:

“It’s is a long time I had been hearing about Buhari, so when he came back in 2014 with the Change mantra, I thought he had changed. That’s why, at a point, I personally campaigned for him because I believed it was time for change. “Someone even asked me if my late grandfather Chief Awolowo would’ve been happy to see me campaign for Buhari. I told the person that times had changed. But the past three years have shown that the man (Buhari) has not changed one bit; as far as he is concerned, nothing has changed.”

She further continued, saying:

“Buhari has failed, and that has taken my mind back to what Papa said about him a long time ago before he died. My grandfather said then that General Buhari did not have a full understanding of politics and governance. With what is happening in the country now, Papa was right.”

Being reminded of the claims by the government, as regards to the achievements it has made in different sectors of the economy, the pastor term it “propaganda”

She said:

“Even President Trump for a while was almost deceived. You could see how angry the American President was with his reaction after that. Nigeria needs someone who is sincere and who means well.”

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