Dangerous Implications of Suya Consumption to Our Health. Check it Out and Act Wisely.

Before now you might have been seeing Suya as one of those things that if you don’t eat them you will never have rest of mind but after reading this piece your senses will come back.

The aim of this piece of work is not to demarket Suya or to create fear into you for the Suya you have eaten before, rather it is meant for you to know the dangers of eating everything that looks like Suya or all the things you normally referred and eats in the name of Suya and what they Can cause to your body.

But if You keep on eating Suya after reading this, then you will surely have yoursef to blame.

Suya is one of the most consumed prepared meat in every part of the country. Suya is a meat prepare and grilled over an open fire at a very high temperature. These meats are exposed to carbon monoxide and other chemicals. Most times we consume Suya more than we eat good food, even when we know how Dangerous it is to our health and that simply implies that we are the cause of our own problem. When we are exposed to the harmful effect of Suya which we get from regular intake, we tend to compromise our health severely and some of these health issues may even lead to death. It’s advisable to drastically reduce the intake of Suya or completely abstain from it inorder to have a good health and proper body functionality. Let’s review some of the health dangers associated with Suya consumption.

  1. Suya contains meat carcinogens like heterocyclic amines (HCAs) and polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons (PAHs) which are capable of causing cancer in human especially breast cancer in women. It’s advisable to eat Suya with large amount of vegetable or don’t eat at all to keep you safe from these chemicals which may impair your health.
  2. Suya is prepared with saturated oil which increases cholesterol level and can cause stroke and heart related diseases.
  3. Some animals which are used to prepare Suya were killed because they were infected with disease like tuberculosis, when we eat such meat there are higher chances of contacting such diseases because they are zoonotic. Since we cannot discern if the Suya we are eating is from a disease infected animal, it’s better to keep away from the meat entirely and preserve our health.

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